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Hi ALL my name is John Iveson, and Im known for giving stuff away.

When I first shown City Penneysavers. I looked
so good. I just had to skip posting free ads as a free member. I went straight after my own city.

Why wouldnt you. With 40 ad for a full year, and you can change them at any time,

Thats 25cents each for a whole year. Plus sales on all the ads that get posted in my city.

Im a bit of a work-a-holic. I make 2D, 3D, Human Walk on Talking Intro Avatars for any website.
Also I do 2D & Whiteboard Animated videos.

I also run a number of websites in several categories.

They include.....
Traffic Exchanges, Text Ad Exchanges, safelists, Several Quality review sites, and an assortment of other websites.

Its a good job that I like what I do, because Im Disabled, with a life threatening condition. So I sit at home, on my computer.

Its so rewarding when a customer/client/members uses one of my sites, and gets the results they were looking for. Weather it be traffic, ebooks, software or affiliate programs.

John Iveson
Charles Francis Marketing

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